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Inside our Needlepoint Kits

Great printing on Zweigart needlepoint canvas

The materials are by far the most valuable part of any needlepoint kit and Beth Russell is dedicated to ensuring that your stitching is spent enjoyably by providing the best materials to work with.

The miniature kits and rugs are printed on Zweigart interlock needlepoint canvas. All other kits are on the excellent Zweigart mono de luxe canvas which is smooth, a joy to use and strong enough to endure the rigours of stretching and upholstering.

We have chosen the best needlepoint canvas printer and each colour is separately printed by hand. The colours of the printing inks are specially matched to the wools but are made different enough from each other to clearly show the beginning and end of each shade.
The wools are from the gently coloured Appleton range - 4ply tapestry or 2ply crewel depending on the gauge of canvas.
Needlepoint design in progress
We use one basic stitch for most of the kits - tent stitch, which is a single sloping stitch (also called continental or basketweave). Cross stitch is used for the rugs.
Appletons shadecard
The needles are Tapestry sizes 16 - 22 depending on the gauge of canvas.
Each kit has its own dedicated detailed instructions, written by Beth with the intention of making the stitching as simple and enjoyable as possible. The kits are simply packaged - the investment is in the materials.
Each kit of cushion/pillow size or larger also comes with a useful calico bag to keep your wools dust free.
Larger needlepoint kits come with a calico wool-tidy bag